Sunday Pitt POV Podcast; 6/26/16

Here is the first Sunday morning podcast for this blog.  These were well received when I did them elsewhere even if sometimes they seemed to go on forever.  I’ll try to limit them to 30-45 minutes as I know everyone is busy with other things in their lives also.

This piece explains why the blog was started and what I hope to accomplish with it. That is simply to draw readers and commenters into the Pitt POV family and get everyone comfortable with it… and then to get some tangible benefits to charities who always need them.

Take a listen:

After today these podcast will be much more Pitt football oriented and probably shorter than today’s 45 minutes.

Here are the three articles about recruiting that I referenced in the podcast .  If you haven’t read them before I ask that you take the time to do so as they were very well received by the readers and are timely in that we are in the middle of the recruiting push right now.

To understand the intricacies of the recruiting ‘game’ makes it easier to see the big picture instead of just being disappointed when a kid we want goes elsewhere.  I strongly suggest reading the comments also as there was some great discussions generated.

The Art of Recruiting; Part 1

The Art of Recruiting; Part 2

The Art of Recruiting; Part 3

Yesterday’s news had the info about Pitt’s two new capital improvements that just got the needed funding for construction.  One will be a domed field for Pitt’s lacrosse (a great sport to watch for sure – all action all the time.) and soccer teams so they can practice and play in any weather.

Here is the actual plan mentioned – “The Plan for Pitt”

Here is a fantastic article by my favorite writer across any genres, although he is a sportswriter for the New Yorker.  I read anything I can get my hands on by John McPhee (and Roger Angell if you love sports writing) This explains the game of lacrosse in a way that is just plain fun to read.  John McPhee – “Spins Right and Shoots Left”

My sincere thanks for the great response since we rolled this blog out – it has been outstanding and I appreciate everyone of you taking the time to visit, read and to comment.

Note: I have succumbed to Twitter at my daughters advice – my handle there is Reed Kohberger (@rkohberger).  You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.



19 thoughts on “Sunday Pitt POV Podcast; 6/26/16

  1. A number of elite players on campus this weekend. Lamont Wade was there for the 7 on 7 camp. A number of other guys with big time offers too.


  2. Here is a possible answer to the comments problem… (from WordPress):

    “When your visitors comment with their name and email address, saves a cookie on their computer that is supposed to remember those details for next time they comment. However, if they have cookies turned off or blocked, or they’re using a private browsing window, that cookie won’t be saved and so the info will need to be manually re-entered every time. If they clear cookies or switch devices, they’ll also need to re-enter them again.

    If your visitors do have cookies enabled but are having trouble with them saving properly, I’d recommend that they look for any browser extensions they might have that are blocking cookies (such as Ghostery) or possibly an anti-virus or anti-malware program on their computer blocking them.”

    So – check things out at yoru end if you are still having to re-enter name and email each time you comment.


    1. Reed, you are correct. People are probably clearing their browser history which (depending on the browser and settings) may clear those cookies.

      Quit trying to hide those porn sites you visited from the wife and problem solved, LOL.


  3. When the advertising starts, i would appreciate ads with bimbos: dating sites, sugar-daddy sites, that sort of thing.
    That way we can read about Pitt and stare at the hotties.
    Sort of a two-fer deal, if you get my drift.

    In the meantime, did Exree Loe lose interest in Pitt or vice versa?


    1. Pitt told Exree Loe to take a hike…he was tweeting to opposing coaches to follow him for a while and then was at Rutgers camp recently. He isnt that good that they needed to be cuckolded like that.


  4. the Art of Recruiting 4:

    “I would grade the day an A, the most impressive thing I learned from the visit was that Pitt has the number 1 business school in the country”, said Singleton.

    Excerpt from Pittsburgh Sports Now, today’s post


  5. Pitt has the No. 1 business school in the country…..hmmmm….yes amongst metropolitan universities with at least one hot dog stand, one giant cathedral, and one former major league stadium’s home plate embedded in one of its buildings on campus!


  6. Not – I live in “Baltmoria” which is the lacrosse term for the hotbed of the sport in the US and had no idea what a really intense game it was until a friend dragged me to a U of Maryland game. It has everything I think is important in a full action game – plus the scoring is high enough that leads can change in a minute – but not crazy point totals like BB.


  7. Everything okay, don’t think I block cookies. As to tweeting, as a 61 YOA if I tweeted to Pauli K (assuming Reed’s daughter) it would be eerie and creepy. It’s misuses gain far more notoriety but then again I am a cynical old fart, Testing.
    Lacrosse? They could play that in an OCS. Did Native American’s have domed prairies? Yawn.


  8. I attended my first lacrosse game back in April (a co-worker of mine plays for a local college, and it was a nice day.) A month after that, I happen to watch the NCAA final between UNC and Maryland on TV. What surprised me is just how physical the game is … there is a lot of contact not to mention wacking each other with the racquets.

    BTW, speaking of Native Americans … the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1805/6 took them to several Indian tribes out west. At one of the sites, they observed played with a stick and ball called ‘Base’. This is documented in the logs kept during their journey.


  9. I know I bitch about people continually mentioning PSU but I have to say this….it does piss me off that PSU fields a DI scholarship lacrosse team and Pitt does not, especially since we are in the best lacrosse conference in the country.

    Freaking RMU has one.


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