Administrative Problems

Hey – want to catch everyone up with the commenting problems.  As of today commenters were having to enter their name & email address on each comment – otherwise the comment would be labelled as posted by “Anonymous”.

A friend might have found the solution to the problem.  Apparently one has to check the “Stay Signed In” box under the name and email boxes as shown (after the first time you enter info):


I don’t know if this will keep your name and email in the commenting system forever… but you may have to do that each time you visit – then you should be able to comment like normal afterward.

Please try it and let me know…

Thanks, Reed



4 thoughts on “Administrative Problems

  1. The only way you can get to that screen to enter the Username/ Email and Password and stay signed in is to Like a comment…and then it asks you to create a website. May not be able to do it. Check with the site administrator.

    Cant get to that screen by just commenting from what I can tell.


  2. Well, then if commenters could please still comment without filling that info out they will be labelled as “anonymous”… and then can put their user name in the first line of the comment for now.

    That way we’ll know who’s commenting so we can talk back with them.

    Thanks Jeff –


  3. One good thing about commenting from a smartphone is that it auto-fills in the info when you click on the fields. Not as bad as it seems.


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