Administrative Problems

Hey – want to catch everyone up with the commenting problems.  As of today commenters were having to enter their name & email address on each comment – otherwise the comment would be labelled as posted by “Anonymous”.

A friend might have found the solution to the problem.  Apparently one has to check the “Stay Signed In” box under the name and email boxes as shown (after the first time you enter info):


I don’t know if this will keep your name and email in the commenting system forever… but you may have to do that each time you visit – then you should be able to comment like normal afterward.

Please try it and let me know…

Thanks, Reed



Recruiting Tidbits, etc…

Pittsburgh Sports Now has an article on who they (Mike Vukovcan) thinks will be Pitt young impact players this upcoming season.  He lists some obvious names: DB Hamlin, WRs Flowers, Ffrench and Henderson, DL Camp, etc… and then asks us if he missed anyone.

Since speculation is what we do as Pitt fans and on blogs – and that’s what it is regardless of how any writers try to convince us otherwise – I’ll chip in.

Here is the Rivals listing of Pitt’s 2016 recruiting class.  We fans are excited because it is the highest nationally rated class we have had, at # 32, since the Wannstedt days, as we should be.  it looks like a good one top to bottom and when you start looking past the obvious ratings of start you see that the offer lists of these recruits is what the difference between this class and our more recent classes is.

Take for instance OLB Elias Reynolds who at 2*s and 5.3 rating points is the lowest rated recruit in the class. He also wasn’t ranked nationally in any category – a “NR” across the board.  But here is what makes me think he can be a diamond in the rough – he was ranked 7th as a senior in the state of New York.

Looking at Reynolds recruiting offer sheet we see that he had been pursued by Syracuse, Rutgers, Illinois, and Wake Forest… among lesser schools also.  So another Power 5 NY school, Syracuse, wanted him and they must have know he was ranked in the Top 10 of their state – yet he came to Pitt to play for Narduzzi.

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