Friday Bits & Pieces; June 24th

Here is Chris Peak’s podcast from yesterday – you can listen to it while pretending to work.

Big News!!!  Pitt AD Scott Barnes is up to some new  tricks .  This time he’s putting his (departmental) goals down in writing for the world to see.  Yesterday his office announced a new vision for Pitt sports in The Strategic Plan for Athletics 2016-2021

From a guy who has written a few of those and business plans and mission statements let me say this -don’t etch it in stone. But reading it over you can see that some real time and effort went into it.  And something for fans to understand about this – when an organization of any sort builds a plan like this one then distributes it in public it is a pretty gutsy move.

At the very least it opens the drafters and owners of the plan up to close scrutiny and accountability down the road.  Generic as it is in the main, there are some specifics in it (discussed later here) that Pitt can point directly to when sitting Barnes down in the hot seat.

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