Any Buyer’s Remorse with Pat Narduzzi?

(Note: Thanks so much for the great launch day yesterday… appreciate it!!)

For a late Christmas present last year we Pitt fans received a new head coach for the football program.  Pat Narduzzi was hired on Dec 26th 2014 and hit the ground running… and we Pitt fans seem to have been running right alongside him for the last 18 months.

  I stated many time in previous articles that I was adopting a wait and see attitude toward Narduzzi because  I’m not one to get caught up in any sort of hype that surrounds things.  I think the movie “Heaven’s Gate” did that for me at a young age when I was excited about see the so-called blockbuster then left the theater after about 30 minutes.

So through the last days of the 2016 recruiting class push, Narduzzi’s “1st” even though the majority of the kids had been committed for some while, and then during spring practices, his offseason Magical Mystery Tour, fall camp and then into the ’16 season I sat back and appraised the hire.

Regardless of the eight games won I looked and thought to myself that the mark of a good HC isn’t so much how many games they win right off the bat but what kind of quality is he infusing into the football program itself.

I think I have the answer to that and wonder what Pitt fans feel about it also.

So – Let’s look at what I consider the main aspects of a head coach’s mission and discuss Narduzzi’s report card so far.  Here is an interesting look at what a FBS school’s job description for a football HC looks like:

The following list provides examples of the most typical duties for positions in this job class. Individual positions may not include all of the examples listed, nor does the list include all work that may be assigned to positions in this job class.

Direct assigned Assistant Coaches and Graduate Students in the overall planning and execution of the intercollegiate football program…etc.

I’ve taken the liberty to break this list up into three main sections that I personally feel are the HC’s main duties overall…

1. Be a Strong Leader of Student/Athletes

Recruit quality prospective student-athletes and ensure timely submission of their academic records for admissions.

Monitor academic progress and status of team members, implementing action plans

Monitor and maintain the discipline and conduct of student athletes to support the image and reputation of the athletics program.

2. Control of the quality of the student/athlete’s play on the field

Plan coaching and practice sessions in accordance with NCAA and Conference regulations.

Coach team members individually and in groups, and demonstrate game techniques.

Develop and implement game strategy and position assignments.

Oversee the strength and conditioning programs for student athletes.

3. Represent the University

Manage all operational, fiscal, and administrative activities for the specific sports

Promote the athletic program and specific sport through community events, public speaking, fundraising, and marketing.

Ensure adherence to all Association, Conference, and University rules by athletes and supporting staff

Huh – all that and the words “win games” is nowhere to be found.

That phrase isn’t left out because winning isn’t important; it sure is.  That phrase was left out because a University’s job is not to produce winning football teams but to provide the resources that results in winning football teams.  By resources I mean Personnel (AD, HC and their staffs), Financial (scholarships and fundraising) and Logistical (stadiums, practice facilities, training tables, tutoring and study rooms, etc…).

I think that to accurately measure what Pat Narduzzi has accomplished in his first year and a half we have to look to see if the university has provided him with the means necessary to meet the ends -as listed above – and in producing a winning football program.

OK – lets dive in and see what Pat Narduzzi has shown us so far.

Be a Strong Leader of Student/Athletes

First off – is he a strong leader of Pitt’s football student/athletes?  If we look at some things that have transpired inside the program since his hire we see that the disciplinary problems Pitt has had way too many of over the past six years has greatly diminished.  I posted some info on The Pitt Blather some time ago that showed in the years between 2006-2015 Pitt had 28 players disciplined for serious criminal or school team rules violations.

Since Narduzzi has been hired?  Two players – DE Rori Blair and WR Tyler Boyd went afoul of the law.  Both were recruited before Narduzzi landed at Pitt and both player’s situation and discipline was handled well by the head coach.  Personally I might have levied more suspension time on the young men but that’s me.

All that sends a very loud and clear message to me that Narduzzi is doing a good job in the ‘Personnel’ area because the important thing  isn’t ‘who recruited who’ that got in trouble, it is the fact that Narduzzi had a full complement of 105 players on the roster from the time of his hire and only two disciplinary issues arose.  His influence on the other 103 players is just as important, more actually, as how he handle Boyd and Blair.

I have a draft article I’ll post before fall camp starts that goes in detail about Pitt’s academic progress.  While it is too soon for NCAA reports on Pitt’s 2015 Academic Progress Rate (APR) and Graduation Success Rate (GSR), we have been steadily climbing since 2008 and I see no reasons why it won’t continue.  That is a very good thing for the program overall and helps in recruiting also.

That is if the new Pitt Chancellor and Athletic Director keep the more stringent recruiting standards in place that went into effect after 2010.  let’s hope they did because there is nothing better than looking at your school football team and seeing it excel both on and off the field.

Control of the quality of the student/athlete’s play on the field

As stated above Narduzzi’s been able to attract some quality recruits into the fold in his short time as the coach.  But the key to success in recruiting isn’t the first class the HC lands, in this case his 2015 recruits, those kids are true freshmen who almost always sit on the bench with a redshirt or play only sparingly on special teams and such.

We do have the exceptions to the rule of course, some kids are just too good, or are in a position of such dire need, that they have to be thrown directly into competition.  Narduzzi put true FR DB Jordan Whitehead (‘just too good‘ this one) in the fray right at the start and was well rewarded by the kid’s sterling play.  But for the most part those freshman are biding their time, learning and growing.

It is in the 2nd year of that recruiting class where the team really starts to benefit from the new player’s talents – talents by the way that have had one full year of D1 level quality staff and position coaching to be turned it position specific skills.

Going into 2016 we have some talented and young players ready to contribute; RB Darrin Hall played in spot duty and had some nice plays , WR/Slot Quadree Henderson (led Pitt with 504 kickoff return yards on 18 attempts (28.0 avg.) and LBs Saleem Brightwell and LB Anthony McKee are four youngsters who in my mind will get in early and often.  None maybe usurp any starters at their positions but they’ll play and produce.

I think if Narduzzi can get five solid producers from that class, kids who have been on the roster only one year, then he’s doing pretty well in that regard.  Maybe we’ll get more than five – we’ll certainly see more than five players from the 2015 class on the field, but I’m pretty sure that there won’t be a huge influx of new starters from that class come September.

One of the strategic moves Narduzzi made as a first time HC stands out in strong relief.  The decision to sit down a returning starting QB and go with a transfer player who had limited playing time with rather poor results at a different school was a pretty ballsy move.

Pitt fans can read anything they want into that QB change – that Peterman was Chaney’s ‘boy’ or whatever  – but the truth is that Pat Narduzzi wasn’t about to let any staff coordinator make a decision on that level of importance by himself.  Narduzzi didn’t just sign off on it – he understood the whys and wherefores behind the move, agreed with it and it turned out pretty well.

But a question in this issue still remains; did Pat Narduzzi’s influence as the HC make any existing players on the roster play above what we all though the player’s capabilities were?  I suppose we could point to rsFR RB Qadree Ollison and say so.  But the fact is that he hasn’t played for Pitt already and then made a big jump in production.

Hey, no one is complaining about his 1,121 yards and his 5.3 yards per carry average – that was needed and welcomed and let’s see it again this season!

How about anyone else?  How about Galambos and Caprara?  Was there an appreciable jump with their play due to the new HC and DC?


DEFENSIVE LEADERS  GP  Solo  Ast  Total  TFL-Yds /Sacks
9 Jordan Whitehead 13 74 35 109  6.0 – 17
47 Matt Galambos 13 51 37 88  10.0/5.0 – 53
14 Avonte Maddox 13 52 23 75  1.0 – 5
3 Nicholas Grigsby 13 45 21 66  9.5 – 42
30 Mike Caprara 13 33 16 49  10.5/5.0 – 40

It is hard to say with Caprara because he split time with other LBs but I think definitely so with Galambos.  His tackles went from 72 – 88 (+16); tackles for loss (TFLs) more than doubled from 4.5 to 10 (+5.5) and he went from no sacks at all to 5.0 (+5).

That says something about his being taught to be in the right place at the right time and to finish the plays off.  But perhaps the key indicator for Galambos was that he wasn’t the butt of the Pitt fan’s jokes last season.

Even setting aside the fact that we won two more game in ’15 than we did in ’14 I think we all can agree that we saw better football being played all around in Narduzzi’s first year than in Chryst’s last. Adding into the equation that we lost the #5 rusher in the country in James Conner and last season’s productivity overall was pretty damn good.

3. Represent the University

How did Narduzzi do here?  Well, we saw a ton of bells and whistles from him and E.J. Borghetti’s media department crew starting from Narduzzi’s press conference onward.  Pitt instituted the “Pat Signal”  when he landed a recruit – which is inventive and puts some fun back into the rather boring Chryst era.

…and we saw the Pitt twitter-verse explode in describing and detailing everything under the sun;  “Hey, Pitt Coach Browmwell is not constipated today! HTP!!”   I can’t get into that medium but the younger fans and students love it… and to Pitt the important thing is that in doing this now thousands of fans are checking the Internets many times per day for the least tidbit of Pitt football news.

Suffice to say there has been an infusion of energy, and in turn, excitement from this hire and that was methodically cultivated by Narduzzi and the media department.  He did a “Pat Narduzzi on the Prowl” barnstorming where he went out of town to visit various Pitt Alumni chapters.  I attended the Washington, DC one and came away somewhat impressed (btw – an open bar might be a good thing next time E.J.)

Watching that exhibition I thought to myself that if he’s as good one-on-one with the bigger football donors as he is in a crowd of mortal alumni then we’ll have an on-campus stadium before he leaves… JUST KIDDING!  We won’t have that for a very, very long time – but he could sell the idea if needed….maybe.

“Representing the University” is something that I feel very strongly about and I wonder if my thoughts on it differ from most fans.  To me Narduzzi’s actions in private, when he is making those big and small choices that have little to do with the more visible aspects of college football, are what is important.  Think back to his decision to suspend the two Pitt players last summer.  He could have taken the easy way out as some other Pitt HCs have done and used depth chart justice to keep one or both of them on the field… but he rose above that to do the right thing.

He’s no pushover, not that anyone would think that if they knew any of his background. His firm hand with the players who let others in the clubhouse know they weren’t happy with the way they were being handle at Pitt shows us that he won’t brook any dissent that might divide the roster.

Chris James found that out and took off.   Chad Voytik had the door held open for him once he stated talking about his options of transfer (before his thinking became public) because he lost the starting job.  Narduzzi hasn’t hesitated to perhaps hurt a player’s feelings if a warranted two-deep move is to be made – he’ll play underclassman and transfers before guys already in the queue if it will help the team.

I don’t think we’ll ever see Narduzzi adopt Wannstedt’s publicly stated policy of “You stay, you play” that Wannstedt  had while here.  We fans used to joke that some of DW’s recruits held union cards because he wouldn’t sit anyone down for newer and better talent (with some exceptions like LeSean McCoy).

This adds up to a coach who understands who his employer is and honors that relationship in both word and deed. This is a breath of fresh air after the way Wannstedt closed out his time here and then Todd Graham crapped in the aisles of Heinz Chapel on his way out the door.  You don’t get the impression the Narduzzi is any sort of a toady or a yes-man, but at the same time there is a real feeling that he cares about the University of Pittsburgh in all its many facets.

All this success on and off the field added has up to Pitt extending Narduzzi’s contract past the original five year term (2015-2019) for two years until 2021.  That is so that any recruits he is wooing over the next two years can be honestly told that Narduzzi is under contract to be their HC for their time at Pitt.

Now, whether he will be the HC over that time period is a different story, I have different ideas about that and will address in a later article.

Narduzzi’s final report card?

I say he meets and exceeds all needed criteria for the head coaching position at Pitt. He is a genuine guy who seems to be having as much fun, and success, working at Pitt as we are watching him work at Pitt. I think the hire is a good one with all my earlier ‘show-me’ punch list items having been checked.   I’m very much looking forward to seeing how his second year unfolds.

Again, my personal focus will be more directed toward the on the off-the-field areas and the peripheral issue rather than whether or not Pitt wins another eight games (don’t hold your breath but anything can happen, right?)

So far it looks like sunny weather ahead for our program and its fans…so  let’s keep it that way shall we Pat?

P/S: Here is an interesting job opening at Pitt…


42 thoughts on “Any Buyer’s Remorse with Pat Narduzzi?

  1. I think he gets a solid B.The stupid water bottle bs starting the fourth quarter was bush league. Plenty of good things. Need to see him win 7/8 games this year to see if it has legs. The new OC will take 3-4 games to take. Wasn’t he fired from NC State of all places?


  2. So far so good. But a long way to go. A consistent top twenty team with occasional top ten finishes look to be a possibility. Recruiting is obviously the key so the next few classes are crucial. No buyers remorse at this point, just the opposite, but improved results are needed.


  3. Reed,
    Congrats. Always enjoy you honoring the University as the academic institution it is. Unique in many ways. I remain filled with hope the HCPN having been exposed to our city as a youth (Y’town being a demilitarized zone) understands our history & is committed to building upon it (even if it is a stepping stone in his career ultimately I see no downside for us – he’s real dream jobs wouldn’t come without significant success in Oakland, right?). H2P


  4. Solid B is right. I like his ability to learn from his mistakes. He did not repeat the punting fiasco from the Iowa game like past head coaches here would have done.


  5. I really like his energetic, enthusiastic pro-active approach to recruiting and public relations. I think he learned a lot in his first year; and remember how he made many adjustments at halftime of several games that were spot on. His coaches seem to want to coach for him and emulate his energy–that is very important (except Chaney and he is gone).Solid A-


  6. Solid B? What about his gameday coaching – which I didn’t comment on. I think it went OK “in-game” – but to let Navy run over us when we had six weeks to get ready is troublesome.

    I give him a B-… maybe a B


  7. Since Matt Canada appears to be his original choice as OC and they have a working relationship (would love to have been a fly on the wall to see the chemistry between Duzz n Chaney)I see the offense exploding especially since we will have a deep ball threat in ” Throw it to me” Weah . Defense will continue to grow. That side of the ball suffered from depleted numbers of quality players until Coach Duzz arrived.. Keep recruiting quality kids who can handle the scholastic vigors of our wonderful University. He has brought a new energy. It keeps the boys focused and here’s the play no politics. You have to earn your job and you have to work to keep it. That was probably how he was brought up. His biggest weakness to me at this point is with local recruiting of the cream of the crop. Hopefully, this improves as we win more games. This is the year to be one or two teams where we are underdogs… I will be in death Valley cheering them on to that unexpected win.
    Reed.. I know it’s early but can you have the system remember our names and Email addresses so we do not have to login every time


  8. The correct answer of course is it is too early to rate him definitively. Thus far, he certainly has a passing grade in my book in that we actually went through a season without one of those head scratching losses we are so (in)famous for … unless you count Navy. (I don’t … their QB was brilliant and it was on their home field.)

    The other part of it is that we are Pitt, and are deemed nationally for over 2 decades as a middle-of-the-road program. Yes, he has some advantages that recent Pitt HCs didn’t, but IMO, thus far, he is the best hire since Harris and may well surpass him … and the fact he is originally from an hour away or so is icing on the cake.


    1. I think wbb pretty much said it best. It’s much too early to be giving him a grade. But I do like the direction he’s taking the program currently.


    1. If we were going to beat a team like Navy, we needed to keep the ball out of their hands … keep their offense on the bench and out of rhythm ….and of course, we had to score. We didn’t do much of this at all.


    2. My expectations were realistically low for the Navy game. Navy has a crafty offense, had a crafty QB and, to top it off, had 65 Seniors on the team.


  9. Honestly, his first year along with the incoming recruiting class was very good. I wish he won ONE of his last 3, but the recruiting class I think is very, very good and incredibly underrated.

    What scares me though is frustration with the locals, we see it with all of the top local kids ,looking or committing elsewhere, we see it with the yellow seats. I am worried that he will get frustrated and jump at another job. No rumors, just my own personal angst.


  10. Lose to Piss Shit U like we did to Navy and it will be a very long year for HCPN…Beat them in an 8 or 9 win season, then I will be impressed.


  11. After 3 years of HCPC this Narduzzi guy seems like a fireball of energy that is nicknamed “Mr. personality”!
    Let me get this straight, people are grading this guy after only one season as a first year Head Coach?
    I seem to remember that HCPC was given some slack about his first season results even in the face of his first venture on the field being an a$$ whoopin handed out by the mighty Penquins of YSU.
    As you say Reed, “wait and see”.
    Narduzzi is going to be a proven big time winner, sooner rather than later. I just hope that this administration can keep him happy right here at Pitt for a long time to come.


    1. Dr Tom – isn’t isn’t like these are ‘final grades” for his career – just like end of 1st term grades to see where he needs improvement or where he did better than expected.

      As I said I think the hire was a good one even with the death spiral at the end of the season… but as I also said – I am as concerned with off the field work of the HC as I am the gameday work.

      Thanks for contributing Tom… i’m going to try to get something up each day if time permits.


  12. I have been impressed so far with Narduzzi. Everyone seems to underrate how good Navy and their quarterback really was. The defense Pitt had last year was recruited by other coaches with one or two exceptions. Overall I was not that upset with the Navy loss.

    For Narduzzi to stay impressive this year he has to beat Penn State, stay close with OSU and Clemson, and beat North Carolina. That is a tall order but if Conner is healthy by the Penn State game and stays healthy the rest of the season, these things are all doable.


  13. Lets see, in his FIRST year he wins MORE games than any team in regular season SINCE 2009 and these jokers,are giving out b and can. LAUGHABLE. A- B+ at worst. Especially after how he closed that recruiting class. This schedule being WAY tougher than last year is B.S. too. Clemson replaces nd(maybe slight upgrade) and Iowa oils. St. is WASH. I call 9 or 10 WINS, write it down. Your only worry with the DUZZ should be, will someone come SNATCH him off us!!


  14. Lets see, in his FIRST year he wins MORE games than any team in regular season SINCE 2009 and these jokers are giving out b and c LAUGHABLE. A- B+ at worst. Especially after how he closed that recruiting class. This schedule being WAY tougher than last year is B.S. too. Clemson replaces nd(maybe slight upgrade) and Iowa oils. St. is WASH. I call 9 or 10 WINS, write it down. Your only worry with the DUZZ should be, will someone come SNATCH him off us!!


  15. Eric – thanks for joining us.

    I’ll speak only for myself here but we saw some big flaws as we closed out the season with two straight losses with one as the bowl game and the other against a beatable Miami team that would have pushed us up to 9 wins.

    When I think of ‘grades’ I look at an “B” or “C” (“C” is pretty low IMO) and it means there is room for definite improvement. I think we saw the team play lethargically a couple of times last year – the 1st half of the bowl game specifically – and that is something a HC has to teach his kids to avoid.

    I don’t think anyone can look at Pat Narduzzi at this point and believe that he’s 100% complete and polished and that there isn’t need for improving his coaching skills. We can speak of the 8 wins as a testament to good coaching and maybe it is – but that’s not all it is. You are correct that it was the best win total since 2009 but in reality it was one win better than 2013 and that season we beat ND and won a bowl game.

    Two things Narduzzi needs to work toward getting better at – a big win and winning a bowl game. Add smaller things like clock management and we see that he has room to get better.

    I think a “B” or a “B-” is perfectly valid score, and pretty damn good for a rookie to get considering this was Narduzzi first year as a head coach anywhere. he’ll learn from 2015 and I’m sure by now he and his staff have identified their shortcomings from last season and are working to correct them.


    1. Geez! At least let Narduzzi finish the exam prior to slapping a grade on his test!
      Let’s take a look at why such grading is premature:
      *No head coaching experience.
      *Newly assembled coaching staff.
      *Loss of his All ACC star running back a half hour into the season.
      *Transition of the starting QB to a graduate transfer player that had ZERO history with his team prior to fall camp.
      *Instituting a defensive style that requires a type of athlete that the previous head coach was woefully inadequate in recruiting for the defensive side of the ball.

      “Wait and see”. Narduzzi doesn’t need any armchair QB analysis to grade him out at this point in time. Coach Duzz knows well the current warts with his program and he is actively working towards resolving these issues. It takes time. If the Chaney to Canada OC transition is successful, this team could be a force to be reckoned with this year.
      Give the guy a chance to at least get his feet under him before passing judgement in his current body of work. This season gives us a better peek at Narduzzi’s true potential as Pitt’s head coach. Good luck Coach, H2P!


  16. Interestingly, I spent the day with a Michigan State executive and we discussed our new HC. All positives about our coach. Energy and passion were two of the adjectives describing our coach. Was told that it will take Pitt 3-4 years for his personality to shape his payers, and I agree. For me, this was a pass fail year and he definitely passed.

    The new piece will be administration. I am hopeful that Scott Barnes starts reporting secondary violations to the NCAA. Here is why. Every university has these type of violations. They are not penal. An interesting note is that the dairy college for years, failed to report those type of violations, which showed a culture of cover up. Many in the know, were not surprised by their big cover up, because they covered up the non-consequential violations. Their culture is flawed. So now to Coach Narduzzi. We don’t yet know how he will shape the culture of the program. We do know that he had a good first year. By year three, we will have much more insight into the man. The upcoming game against the dairy college is not the measuring stick. It is a game on the schedule. I won’t get caught up in the drama until both teams are top 20 programs and the game has national significance.


  17. I agree with UPITT….What did I just say????? I think a B, B- is an accurate grade for the 1st year. I really didn’t like our performance in the last 2 games but I wonder how much effect a a lame duck OC (in his own mind) might have had on our performance. And I wonder if Canada finds a lot more motivation coaching for his buddy and not wanting to let him down. A lot of Chemistry goes into team sports so HCPN gets another year before I’m dissatisfied.

    Looks like you are already picking up trolls Reed…


  18. Reed- Good luck to you on your new venture.. Coach Narduzzi should have his sea legs entering his second season. I think there was a major conflict with him and his OC last season. Don’t see that with Coach Canada. Leaves him room to concentrate on the defense. Can’t wait for the kick-off of the 2016 season …


  19. Again, I don’t care about HCPN’s commitment to academics. Up to the players to learn to read and write, and I ain’t tuning in to watch anyone study in Hillman library.
    That said, I don’t want thugs. And as much as I want to win, I don’t want the profound arrogance of the ‘God made the sky blue and white because He is a fan ,too’ nut-jobs that, oh yeah, 409 is our sacred number, meanwhile I thought the sacred number was 98 million…in settlement funds.
    No reason we should be a stepping stone. Top 25 program, and never getting blown out by Navy.


  20. I find giving a grade for one year to be a bit premature in my book. His enthusiasm on and off the field, his not taking player discontent lightly (IMO when CV expressed disappointment to the media in season HCPN was already looking beyond him), his discipline with TB and RB was better than FHCDW giving Sheard a half game sit-down for throwing someone through a glass window). Downsides were mentioned above but I thought he improved and learned as the year went on. I expected to lose to Navy who were much faster and benefited from a consistent year to year coaching philosophy but I dont know why Galambos was playing so deep in the first half when speed is a question for him and most of the team. Good adjustments were made for the second half. I am looking forward to the next few years. He does have his work cut out on recruiting local kids but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Overall, headed in the right direction. H2P
    ps Tratur is definitely a troll and not a good one at that.


  21. I’d give HCPN’s first year a solid B. To me it’s not so much that we lost to Navy, as the fact that we were never really in the game , that prevented me from giving him a higher grade. Looking forward to year 2!


  22. Narduzzi brings fun and excitement into the Pitt football world, a nice departure from potatoe paulie. His recruiting last class, especially bringing in outside wpial talent like miller and camp and majorly bolstering the lb and CB ranks is huge. I think last years recruiting class was really nice and devoid of the typical Mac offer sheet reaches. He is building this roster depth nicely and setting himself up in the next few years. His fate in my eyes is strongly tied to Peterman and later macvittie and these talented but unproven wr group (flowers and Henderson I look forward to watching develop). run game and d are shaping up nicely, but can the offense be balanced enough?

    B+. He makes Pitt football fun to follow again and inspires hope while doing decent on the field with players he didn’t bring in and major holes in some d positions last year…


  23. A+ is the grade I give, got us to an 8 win season which no thought would happen in his first year. Has built aura of excitement, connects with the kids with social media, ability to recruit and is in the beginning stages of building something special. Turned down multiple head coaching jobs and waited for the right one, PITT! He understands the history of PITT and knows that it can be done again. Will he leave for another job? I don’t think so, OSU? Meyer is there for a while, Mich St? Dantonio isn’t going anywhere soon either. ND? No. I believe he knows he can build a national power here and why he came here, he’s not going to build something and simply jump like others. This guy is the real deal and as he succeeds our administration must understand and compensate accordingly, which I believe they will, especially Gallagher. H2P!


  24. 8-5 in his first year puts him in an elite group. Red flags? Of course as there are with almost every other program.

    When Walt Harris played favorites he usually turned them into award winning players. Wannstedt didn’t do it. Chryst developed offensive talent.

    So which player is getting better under Narduzzi’s guidance? Anyone???


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