Any Buyer’s Remorse with Pat Narduzzi?

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For a late Christmas present last year we Pitt fans received a new head coach for the football program.  Pat Narduzzi was hired on Dec 26th 2014 and hit the ground running… and we Pitt fans seem to have been running right alongside him for the last 18 months.

  I stated many time in previous articles that I was adopting a wait and see attitude toward Narduzzi because  I’m not one to get caught up in any sort of hype that surrounds things.  I think the movie “Heaven’s Gate” did that for me at a young age when I was excited about see the so-called blockbuster then left the theater after about 30 minutes.

So through the last days of the 2016 recruiting class push, Narduzzi’s “1st” even though the majority of the kids had been committed for some while, and then during spring practices, his offseason Magical Mystery Tour, fall camp and then into the ’16 season I sat back and appraised the hire.

Regardless of the eight games won I looked and thought to myself that the mark of a good HC isn’t so much how many games they win right off the bat but what kind of quality is he infusing into the football program itself.

I think I have the answer to that and wonder what Pitt fans feel about it also.

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